Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Statue Wearing WHAT?!

This little snippet will reinforce what I said in my last blog, which is:

1.  Aaron is observant

2.  Aaron talks about his observations

3.  Aaron has few filters

Gary and I are a set of parents who:

1.  Wish that Aaron wasn't always so observant

2.  Wish that Aaron would keep some of his observations to himself

3.  Wish that Aaron had more selective filters

Yesterday Aaron saw an article of my clothing that reminded him of an incident in the East Mall on Thursday that he somehow forgot to tell me about.  Here we go:

"Mom!  Yesterday in the East Mall we were walking around and I saw a STATUE of a lady wearing BRAS!!!!!!!"

I remained calm and unaffected..........outwardly...........even as I felt the blood draining from my face.  But I reminded myself that I had not received a call from mall security, Wichita police, Aaron's day group, irate parents.............time for a deep breath.

I casually responded, "Really, Aaron?" 

I didn't wait long for the rest of the story.

"Yeah, it was a STATUE wearing BRAS!!!  I told Tiffany 'That's yours!!  You wear BRAS!!!!' " 

Well, well, well.  Tiffany is another client and a friend of Aaron's.   I'm sure that Tiffany got a good laugh out of this because she and Aaron apparently laugh a lot about lots of things.  I don't really want to know, honestly. 

Aaron thought that all of this was "quite funny."  I'm sure all of this was "quite loud."  I can just hear Aaron's and Tiffany's unfiltered, boisterous exchange in the middle of the crowded mall.  Again, some things are best to be left unknown. 

I wanted to ask if the "statue's" name was Victoria and did she have a secret............but thought I should just move on to Aaron's next topic and leave well enough alone. 

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