Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Potato Salad

Aaron went with Paradigm to Wal-Mart today.  As you know, I never know what to expect when he comes home each day...........especially from a shopping trip.  He bounded in the door today and immediately plunked on the table...........this:

He bought potato salad for lunch..........again.  Except this time it's  FOUR pounds of potato salad. 

I had to laugh as I said, "Wow!  Aaron, you bought............potato salad.  FOUR pounds of potato salad."

I asked him if it had been kept in a refrigerator.  He replied, "Yes, and I ate a few when I took it out of the frig."

A few, huh?

"Well, if I ate it all it would give me stomach problems, right?"

Absolutely, definitely right!

FOUR pounds of potato salad would cause some stomach problems, I would say.

Then he asked, "Can I just eat some of it for supper?"..............even as he was smelling the Beef Stroganoff in the crock pot. 

So I answered, "Sure, Aaron, whatever you want."  And in the split second following my remark he blurted out, "Well, can I have some meat, too?"

Later Gary, Aaron, and I sat down to eat supper.  I offered Aaron his potato salad and he declined, saying that he wanted some of the noodles and stroganoff...............two helpings when all was said and done............and some deviled eggs.   But no potato salad. 

As we cleaned the kitchen, I asked Aaron about the FOUR pounds of potato salad.  I asked him if he liked it, and I wasn't surprised at his answer.  "Well, it's not my favorite." 

That's his way of saying no, I don't like it, and I will not eat another bite of that FOUR pounds of potato salad.  Now we have a container of potato salad, FOUR pounds of potato salad, hardly touched.  Aaron was right when he said he ate a few of it when he took it out of the frig.  I know that Gary and I will not eat any of that FOUR pounds of potato salad. 

This ranks right up there with the day he bought THIRTY-SIX rolls.  At least we liked the rolls.  But this FOUR pounds of potato salad............well, it's not our favorite. 

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