Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Arby's Meal #5

Aaron, who loves numbers and numerical order, is all too happy that fast food restaurants number their meal combos.  I've written before about how he comes home from his day group and tells me about the meal number he's eaten for lunch at a particular restaurant.  Or how he talks about the #52 slushie at Quik Trip.............that would be 52 ounces!  The largest, I'm sure, knowing Aaron!

Saturday night I was up in McPherson with Andrea, so Gary took Aaron to Arby's for supper.  Aaron recounted his Arby's visit with me yesterday.

"Mom, Dad and I went to Arby's for supper when you were gone."

Really, Aaron?  I love Arby's!

"Well, I don't really like Arby's a lot.  But I didn't want to disappoint what Dad wanted to do."

Oh, that was nice of you, Aaron.  But what's not to like about Arby's?

He then described his sandwich............"It had this yellow melted cheese on it.  That's not my favorite."

And he added, "It was a meal #5."

As if this would more fully describe this sandwich to me................a meal #5 tells it all!

So I asked, "Is that what Dad got, too?"

He flatly replied, "Yeah.  All two of us got a meal #5."

Well, Aaron, maybe the next time all two of you go, all two of you can try a meal #4?

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