Friday, November 18, 2011

What Color Helmets?!

Last night we watched part of the North Carolina - Virginia Tech game.  Aaron likes to know who is playing, what color they're wearing, and who I'm "voting for."  The details have to be sorted out bit by bit before he can settle down to watch the game.

He was organizing the facts of last night's game as soon as he sat down, got his blanket over his legs, his water bottle fixed, his Skittles opened, his bowl positioned just right..................all this process takes awhile.  He watched the game for a minute and then said, "So who is this V-Tech anyway?"  I explained V-Tech.

Remember that Aaron is color blind.  We watched a couple more minutes before he said, "So North Carolina has the pink helmets, right?" 

HaHaHa!!!  Pink helmets!  I'm very glad that we got that straightened out.  Carolina Pink just doesn't quite seem the same somehow!

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