Friday, November 11, 2011


Aaron loves, loves, loves to shop.  That is, he loves to shop at stores that HE likes.  Those would be stores that have DVDs, computer games, candy, and snack foods.  Not necessarily in that order.  He does NOT like clothing stores or hardware stores, in particular.  Sometimes on a day when he's home he'll hear one of us getting ready to leave and he'll thunder downstairs, asking if he can go, too.  If we tell him that we're going to Lowes, for instance, he'll dejectedly say, "Oh..........never mind." 

The other day his group was out shopping and later that evening Aaron said, "Mom, today we went to Michaels.  That store is full of crafts, right?" 

Yes, Aaron, Michaels is full of crafts.

"Well, it's not my favorite store."

I knew it wouldn't be, Aaron.

"Mom, do you like Michaels?"
Yes, Aaron, I like Michaels. 

"Mom, what do you like about Michaels?"

Well, I like the crafts and the decorations.

Later, he wanted to talk about Michaels again.  "Mom, I really didn't like Michaels.  It smells like art and perfume!!"

I had to laugh.  That's a very accurate description, really.  Art and perfume! 

Neither of those are Aaron's favorites, so no wonder he doesn't care for Michaels!  I think the next time I'm going shopping and need some alone time, I'll plan a stop at Michaels so he'll decide to stay at home! 

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