Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Birthday

Aaron had a big day yesterday.  He loves the attention; he loves the food; he loves the presents.  I think he got plenty of each!  He came home from Paradigm talking about the chocolate cupcakes.  "Mom, the chocolate cupcakes had know...............that chocolate syrup stuff on top!"  Icing, Aaron?  "Yeah, yeah, it was icing!" 

Gary got home from work and we all drove up to meet some of his Paradigm staff at Cracker Barrel.  Years ago Aaron saw a billboard for, of all places, Hooters..............and so he was curious about it and one day asked if we could go to Hooters to eat.  We cautiously explained why that wouldn't be happening.  On our way up to Cracker Barrel, he said, "So we can't go eat at Hoots, right?"  Nope - no eating at Hoots, Aaron. 

We had a great time at Cracker Barrel.  It's always nice to be joined by Andrea. 

The Paradigm friends are amazing.  They understand and love Aaron so much.  Thank you to Krysten, Courtney, and Cody for celebrating Aaron's birthday with us.  Courtney actually is busy pursuing her degree now and isn't working at Paradigm, and so we miss her and were happy to see her again.

At home once again, Aaron opened his presents.  Notice that he brought down his clock.  He always, always must have his clock!

And see the Swiss Army knife that he MUST use when opening gifts.  So far no major injuries to himself or to furniture.  We watch closely.

He was so full that the Apple Pie will wait to be eaten for breakfast today.  All in all, a great day for Aaron and for the rest of us.  Hyper, happy Aaron! 

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