Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where's The Pumpkin?

Aaron went to the pumpkin patch today with his day group.  Every year that he has gone, he brings back a pumpkin that we place on our front porch.  Aaron’s always proud of his pumpkin patch pumpkin, and he loves seeing it sitting on our porch. 

Today he bounded in the door as always, jacket dragging on the floor.  He was full of things to tell me.  I got the first word in, though, as I quickly said hello and then asked him right away if he had enjoyed the pumpkin patch.  He said that it was OK, but he thought it was a little dumb.  That’s pretty typical Aaron.

He was more anxious to tell me something important, though, than to discuss anything else about the pumpkin patch.  “Mom,” he said in his urgent voice, with a sort of whisper sound thrown in.  I knew this was special, so I stopped what I was doing and I looked at him.

“Guess what I told Rosie today?” he asked. 

He waited, so I asked him to tell me what he told Rosie.

“I told Rosie that I love her,” he softly said.

We stood there, eye to eye for a few brief seconds, and then Aaron rubbed his hands together with delight and laughed a very happy laugh.

He then told me that Rosie gave him a hug.  And later he repeated the story to Andrea, with the same delight that he had conveyed it to me…..and to Gary, as well. 

Oh, after Aaron told me of his declaration to Rosie, I realized that he had not carried in a pumpkin.  I asked him where his pumpkin was.

“I gave my pumpkin to Rosie,” he happily said.  And off he went to his room.

Well now, isn’t that the way it is?  Mom is second fiddle now.  I may never get Aaron’s pumpkin patch pumpkin again.

And that’s the way it should be.   

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