Friday, June 14, 2013

Whistling As He Claps

I've written before about Aaron's clapping.     He absolutely has perfected the loudest clap of anyone EVER!  He will walk in a room and CLAP........and our ears will ring.  He'll be sitting on the couch watching TV or a movie, and CLAP!  And oh my goodness, I'm sure that a very big reason that he loves Wheel of Fortune is because this game show gives him permission to CLAP!  We'll be watching the contestants guess the letters, and of course with each correct letter the audience claps, and then Aaron's eyes light up............and CLAP!!!  CLAP!!!  CLAP!!!  He is beside himself with excitement, and I am beside myself with frustration and near-deaf conditions. 

The other day as we drove to meet his group, Aaron whistled.............which is the second most irritating noise that Aaron makes.  I told him not to whistle, just like I tell him not to clap.  I need to just carry a sign and hold it up in order to save my breath.  Aaron's whistles are shrill as his claps are loud.  My mind goes back to the blissful times when Aaron has had dental procedures and his mouth is numb.......and he can't whistle.  Much like the time that he broke his wrist and we had weeks........yes, WEEKS.......... of no clapping.  Talk about the silver lining in the cloud!

So in the van that morning, Aaron whistled.  After I told him to stop whistling, he said, "I noticed I think I stopped clapping."

Really?  And when did this happen?  Like in the last 60 seconds?

He continued.  "So is clapping weird or irritating?"

Yes, Aaron.

I do wish that he got sarcasm.  My life would have so much more meaning if he did.

Aaron happily proceeded.  "So Mom, what is whistling?"

Do you remember, Aaron, the two words you just used to describe clapping? 

He obliviously (is that a word?) kept going.  "Well, is whistling irritating?"

You might say that, Aaron.  Especially the shrill, deafening variety......which is your standard.

And in an expression of pure delight, he leaned over and rubbed his hands together as he came to a conclusion. 

"So now I'll whistle instead!!"

There are many reasons that I do not follow Aaron's logic..........and this day I simply chalked up another one.  He follows his own meandering paths to come to his conclusions, but he comes to least in this case...........happily. 

And obliviously (that word again) unaware of the look on my face. 

I need earplugs.

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