Friday, June 14, 2013

Are You From Africa?!

I have already posted one blog today, and don't usually post another on the same day......but I want to fully try to capture this moment with Aaron.  And then hopefully forget it.

Several years ago, when Aaron first started attending his day group - Paradigm - some of the staff there were from Africa.  Truly from Africa.  Now Aaron thinks that anyone who is:

1.  Black
2.  From any other nationality

must be from Africa.
I remember the time that he kept wanting to me to meet the new driver who brought him home every afternoon.  "Mom, I don't know her name but she's from Africa!"  Finally the day came that I was able to meet this new driver..........and she was from Vietnam.  She was as Oriental as she could be.  And thankfully she had a good sense of humor.

Today I pulled up beside the Paradigm van to deliver Aaron for his ride.  The driver is black, as was the other staff who was in the passenger seat.  Aaron rolled down his window even before we were stopped.  He didn't care that the driver was on his cell phone.  Aaron had something to say and to say NOW! 

"HEY!!" he blurted out to the driver.

"Aaron!" I firmly said.  "He's on the phone!"

"HEY!!"  Aaron repeated anyway.  Aaron opened his door, barging his head into the driver's way through the open window.  The phone conversation had ended as Aaron loudly asked, "HEY!!  Are you from Africa, my mom wants to know?!!" 


"Aaron!!"  I somehow managed to say.  And then, "No, I did NOT want to know if you guys are from Africa!!!"

Both the staff were laughing, saying that they understood, while Aaron lumbered into the back seat of their van.  I offered a short explanation of Aaron's way of thinking, so thankful for their laughter and their assurances that they got Aaron and they understood.

I wonder if these constant blood pressure spikes that I have are good for me.  They're NOT going to be good for Aaron one of these days! 


  1. That one made me laugh so hard Patty. Thank you for making my and JD's day. Reminds me of my kids when little, and that was either laugh or get mad with embarassment. I can't imagine with Aaron.

  2. Glad you liked it, Beth. LOL! Since laughter is good for us, I figure I must be very, very healthy. :)