Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Give Me More!

Aaron appreciates the value of money just like the rest of us.  Of course, to him the value of money translates into Number 52 Quik-Trip Slushies; multiple boxes of Mike and Ikes or Hot Tamales; and the largest order of popcorn at the theater.  This morning he was talking to me about the fact that he's going to Wal-Mart today with his day group.

"Mom, can I have some extra money?"

Sure, Aaron.  You can have some extra money for Wal-Mart today.

Then I reminded him that I didn't want him to buy tons of candy or ice cream or Croissants.  I reinforced the fact that he could buy a Subway sandwich or a Cheddar Pasta Salad.  And I added, "Aaron, you don't have to buy a 12 inch sub.......a 6 inch is fine.  And you don't have to buy a large Cheddar Pasta Salad...........a medium would be good."

Realizing where my line of reasoning might be headed, he asked, "So how much money are you going to give me?"

I replied that I didn't know yet.  So he asked, "Will you give me more than you are?"

He makes me laugh.  My suggestion of a 6 inch sub or a medium Cheddar Pasta Salad just might mean that I was planning on giving him less money...........and he did not miss that possibility.

Quick, that boy is...........where it matters............to him and to his stomach.  

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