Friday, March 16, 2012


I just wanted to tell a little quickie on Aaron.  You know how I've written about the fact that he has a hard time pinpointing where someone is from, or does this or that country have such and such a food or religion or music?

Well, last night at supper he was telling Gary and I about how he had read something about Japan.  He then asked, "Aren't they the people that do a wrestle?"

A wrestle? 

"Yeah," he continued, "You know, that wrestle that they do."

Through questioning him, we found out that he meant that kicking and yelling wrestle.  When we asked, "Do you mean Ninjas?"  he excitedly answered, "Yes!  Ninjas!" 

I'm so glad it wasn't the Sumo wrestling he was talking about.  I'm still not over Aaron's striped underwear.  I don't need to talk about Sumos right now. 

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