Monday, November 14, 2011


I never tire of Aaron's unusual use of language.  Well, some of his use of language I can do without - but I'm referring to the unique way that he expresses himself that is often hilarious or insightful.  At other times, there are words that we use that he doesn't understand or sayings that he takes literally.  This is common for those with Asperger's. 

This morning I mentioned something about "flubbing up" and Aaron said, "Flub?  What is flub?"  That word does sound funny, doesn't it?  He thought so!  I asked him what he thought "flub" referred to and he said, "It sounds like something to do with water."  It really does! 

Right after that conversation, he saw Jackson laying on our couch and said, "Mom, Jackson's all twirled on the couch."  Twirled on the's a picture of our twirling Jackson this morning.

People who heard that Jackson was "twirling" today would have quite a unique image of our Great Dane, wouldn't they?  I like Aaron's use of language, though, when he makes these observations.  It's refreshing to use our language in various ways that we normally would never think of. 

Just think of all the times I've been twirling on the couch and didn't even know it!

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