Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whiskey Sirloins

Aaron is very fascinated with alcohol - the kind you drink.  I guess it's because we don't drink and anything that we DON'T do holds special fascination for Aaron.  Check out my blog from our trip in Sept. - the Yo-Ho-Ho blog. 

Anyway, lately he's seen the Applebees commercial on television for their new entree - the Double Barrel Whiskey Sirloins.  He doesn't care that they are Double, or that they are Barrel, or that they are Sirloins.  He ONLY cares that they contain Whiskey. 

Last night as we watched some football..............btw, the team I was voting for lost....................the interesting Applebees commercial came on.   Aaron perked right up.  He listened intently.

"MOM!!!!  Does that meat have Whiskey Beer on it?!!"

Whiskey Beer? 

So I discussed how you can marinade meat in alcohol to tenderize it, or use alcohol in the sauce on top, and how when you cook something in alcohol, the alcohol all evaporates.  None of which he was particularly interested in.

"So Mom - can I order Double Barrel Whiskey Sirloins the next time I go to Applebees?" 

There is his bottom line.  He would actually waver from his usual Biggest Hamburger on the menu choice or Chicken Tenders that he triple checks to see if they are boneless before ordering choice........in order to have a little taste of the forbidden whiskey. 

Guess where he'll want to go eat the next time we give him a choice? 

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