Friday, November 25, 2011

Trash Cans

Aaron has certain ways in which he organizes and categorizes things.  Unfortunately, this process often involves trash cans.  I say unfortunately because we've ended up with lots of trash cans here and there over the years. 

Let's see - he has a trash can for his mulch that he uses outside.  He has, at times, had three trash cans outside - at the same time.  One was for little sticks; one was for little round seeds that fell from the Golden Rain Tree where he sat; and one was for the mulch that he broke into tiny pieces.  There he sat, with three trash cans perched around him.  Quite a sight for the neighbors, let me tell you. 

In addition to his mulch trash can, he also has his two couponing trash cans that I pictured in the Couponing blog.  Only Aaron knows why he takes some of the strips of paper as he cuts coupons and snips them into very small pieces that go in one trash can, and then takes other strips of paper and cuts them larger to go into the other container. 

Then there is the trash can in his room.  The other day, Aaron saw an unopened video that I had just received in the mail the day before.  He loves opening videos for us.  He uses his Swiss Army knife to cut open the plastic and then removes the sticky strip on the video.  When he saw the video on the counter, he eagerly asked if he could open it for me.  When I said yes, he turned and with great purpose he clomped up the stairs to his room and soon returned with his knife:

And of course, with his trash can.  The plastic wrap and sticky strip from the video cannot go into the kitchen trash can.  Do not ask me why.  These items cannot go into the mulch trash can, of course, and certainly not into his tiny-cut couponing trash can or into his larger-cut couponing trash can.  Video plastic wrap and sticky strip only go into his bedroom trash can. 

Aaron performed his mission of opening the video and depositing the plastic and the sticky strip into the appropriate trash can, and then carrying the trash can and knife back up to his room.  Another job done Aaron's way.  Another glimpse into his interesting mind. 

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