Sunday, November 20, 2011

Samurai or Sumo?

I've mentioned many times before that Aaron is very random in his conversations.  He sees or hears something, and then he'll bring it up, out of the blue, at the most unexpected moments.  And it almost never has anything remotely to do with what is being discussed around him at the time he wants to talk about it.

We were in the kitchen awhile ago, and Aaron was chattering with Gary and I.  Then he said, "I was talking to Cody about those fat guys.  You know..............are they Samurai?" 

A fat Samurai?  I don't think so.

We told him he must mean Sumo guys, not Samurai guys. 

"Oh yeah," he said.  "Those Sumo guys.  They sure are fat!"

So I asked Aaron, "Well, what do you think those Sumo guys do?"

And Aaron quickly answered, "Roll?"

Pretty accurate, Aaron! 

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