Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mayo and Mustard

I remember the day I took Aaron into Subway with me and watched him order his own sub.  It's pretty entertaining.  I play the role of interpreter because Aaron is, well, confusing if you don't speak his language.  When the guy asked Aaron what kind of bread he wanted, Aaron said, "I don't want that bread with the black spots on it!" 

He doesn't want the Italian seasoned bread.

"Do you have some of that meat............what is it?.................turkey..........or is it ham?"

Aaron, let's get a Club.  OK.

"And I don't want that spicy cheese!"

You'll like American cheese.  Good.

And then he asks for the veggies.  "Can I have some tomatoes?"


"Can I have some lettuce?"


"Can I have some cucumbers?"

Aaron, just tell him what you want.  You don't have to ask if you can have it. 

Ok.  And the end was the best:    "I want some of that white mustard."  White mustard?  So the poor worker starts lifting up bottles to see which one Aaron wants, and Aaron keeps saying,  "No, I want the white mustard!" 

Finally I  asked Aaron, "Do you mean mayonnaise?" 

"Yeah, yeah - mayonnaise!"

I know that guy was very happy to have that order over with.  And now when we go in, Aaron always ends it by saying, "And I want WHITE mayonnaise!"  I just smile.

Today I got us some subs for supper.  When I got home, Aaron asked if we could have pizza for supper.  I told him about the subs and he immediately asked, "So, does mine have that WHITE mayonnaise on it?" 

Yes, Aaron - I made sure it was the WHITE mayonnaise!!!

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