Monday, June 24, 2013

Award Winner

I've written about how Aaron notices people's physical characteristics, and then refers to them based on that observation.  Try as we might........lecture as we do......over and over again, it makes no difference to Aaron.  You remember how I told about Aaron thinking that all his drivers are from Africa, no matter their skin color, accent, eye shape.....doesn't matter.   They're all from Africa to hear him tell it. 

Today when Aaron came home, we were having our usual discussion about his day.  I asked him what he spent his money on since I saw that his wallet was empty. 

He matter-of-factly answered, "Well, I bought C.  ......not the one that looks like a rabbit but the C. that's black with black hair..........two cans of Pringles." 

You try standing there and instructing Aaron with a straight face after that kind of statement.  Somehow I did it.......and I should win an Oscar or Tony or Emmy or something. 

I just wanted to share my feeling of accomplishment tonight. 

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