Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aaron's Clock

I was talking to my sister, Kathryn, last night.  She wanted to know if Aaron got his clock that he wanted for his birthday.  I realized that I had perhaps left some of you hanging on that issue, so I am happy to say that yes, Aaron got a clock for his birthday.  
It's bigger than his old clock that he broke, and he won't be carrying it around.  I looked and looked, and couldn't find one like his old one.  He likes this new one, though.  It's just like the one that Gary got me and that I keep on top of our refrigerator. 

Maybe I'll keep looking for a smaller one that has the time and temperature........one that he can carry around with him in order to always know not only the time, but the ever important temperature...........indoor AND outdoor!  These details are important to Aaron! 

His new one shows the humidity.  Aaron has asked me several times to explain the humidity as he informs me that the humidity is high.  No matter what I say, he seems to need more explaining...........and why on earth he doesn't google these things is a mystery to me.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I tell Aaron to google something!

Kathryn also asked about how Aaron handles the recent time change.  I thought I'd leave you with his comment to Cody, who picks him up for Paradigm.  Gary and I had been over to Pittsburg to see Andrew on the Saturday that the time changed.  I had told Aaron that on that night, after we got home and before we went to bed, we would change our clocks.  This is very interesting and important to Aaron.  I have to stand in his room with my cell phone ready as he punches his digital clocks and gets the time just right.
So when I dropped Aaron off on that Monday morning, he gave Cody his usual monotone, expressionless  "Hey."  And then Aaron brightened up as he said, "Cody!  The time........it went by backwards when Mom was coming home!!"

Only Aaron.  It sure felt good to laugh on that Monday morning about our backward time.

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