Monday, September 24, 2012


Gary and I heard Aaron clomping down the stairs before 7:30 this morning.  Now that's unusual!  On most weekdays I have to wake him up in order for him to have time to get ready for his group.  Soon he was clomping back up the stairs and up the hall, where he stood at our bedroom door that was locked........because Aaron never knocks.......and he stood there saying, "Mom?  Mom?"  Gary told him that I would be out soon, so down the stairs he once again lumbered to wait on his slow mom.

I found him in the kitchen and as usual, there was no greeting when I walked in and said, "Good morning, Aaron!"   Instead he immediately launched into what is important to him........which is him.

"Mom!  I got up at 7:12!"   He paused for me to show my certain interest in this fact, so I did.......... because if I don't then he will repeat the fact that he got up at 7:12 until I do show my interest.

It was now around 7:30 and he had waited all that time to share this news with me.  I responded, "Wow, Aaron, that's early for you!"

And with a big sigh, he said, "Yeah.   I'm tired of this day."

Ah, yes Aaron.  There are many of your fellow humans out there who got up way before 7:12 (me included) on this Monday and who by 7:30 are also saying, "I'm tired of this day."

Keep your chins up, everyone!  It's just another Monday!

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  1. This is my new comment for the tough days!! "I'm tired of this day". LOVE it!