Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Insecticides

Aaron once again burst in the house today when he came home from his group, and soon I heard him tromping up the stairs to find me.  With Aaron there is never a "hello" or a "hi" and definitely not a "how are you, Mom?"

This is Aaron, as he barges into my bedroom, "Mom!  I went to the mall today!"

And I say, "Hi, Aaron?  How are you?"

To which he mumbles a quick mumbled "Hi," and then hurriedly continues with what he was trying to tell me before I so rudely interrupted him with that very unnecessary "Hi and how are you?"

"Mom, I decided to go to the mall with everyone.  And I got pizza for lunch."

Good, Aaron.  I'm glad you went and glad you got pizza.  Was it good?

"Yes, it was good.  I got a supreme......and it came with a drink and with bread sticks!"

He then told me that he got a Root Beer and that it said it did not have caffeine, so we had a long discussion about caffeine.  But what he was most excited about was this:  "Mom, the lady at the pizza place told me that I could have a free refill!"  And of course, Aaron got the free cats have a climbing gear, as Gary's sister, Sandra, would say?

"And Mom, I got a knife and fork to eat the bread sticks with."  I asked him why he needed a knife and fork for bread sticks, since we always pick those up with our hands.............and in talking to Aaron I realized the reason.  His fingers had pizza on them, and he will not mix up his foods, if at all possible.  I know he really doesn't like his foods touching on his plate, and today he didn't want his pizza fingers to touch his clean, garlic bread sticks.

Oh, Aaron, you are so interesting sometimes.  Many times!

Aaron started to leave the room, but he remembered that I had told him this morning that the exterminators were coming today.  We found a black widow outside last week and I told Aaron about it so that he would be careful.  He's been wanting those bug sprayers to get here!  He turned around before he left the room and said, "Mom!  Did those insecticides come today?"

The insecticides did come, Aaron............except we call them exterminators.

Clean bread sticks because of his knife and fork.............clean bug-free house because of those insecticides that came today.  Life is good!  A little weird, but good!

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