Saturday, March 10, 2012

That's Not Pizza!

Last night as we watched a little television, a Pizza Hut commercial came on that shows their Dinner in a Box.  It's interesting to see how something like this will grab Aaron's attention, and demonstrate how difficult it can be for him to accept a change in what is, to him, considered normal. 

In this case, normal consists of pizza that is round.  The rectangular pizza in Pizza Hut's Dinner in a Box is not round.  Therefore, this strange pizza is not normal.  The end.

And so as the commercial aired, Aaron was observing this unnatural pizza.  He gave a disdainful, "Hmmpff!"  and then proceeded to talk about this weird, wanna-be pizza.

"Mom, that's not a pizza!"

Yes, Aaron, it is a pizza.

"Well, it's not round like a pizza!"

Aaron, pizza doesn't have to be round to be pizza.

"So how do you eat it?" eat it like you eat anything.  You pick it up and put it in your mouth and chew it!

"No, Mom!  It's not round!"

But Aaron, you just cut it and eat it like you do a round pizza.

"But it's not a triangle!"

You're right.  When you cut it, it's either a square or a rectangle.  But it's still pizza.

"Even though it's not a triangle, it's still pizza?"

Yes, Aaron.

"And that's how you eat it?"

That's right.

"Well, I'm not used to that!"

No, Aaron - you're not used to that rectangle pizza.  And so I need to buy us a Pizza Hut Dinner in a Box and then we will watch Aaron's reaction to this non-round pizza that is not a triangle shape when you cut it. 

Nothing is mundane when Aaron is around.............even pizza!

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