Monday, March 5, 2012

Popcorn Seeds and Ears

I just wanted to share a couple of interesting and funny descriptions that came from Aaron yesterday and today.  As he and I were taking Jackson on a walk around the circle yesterday, he said, "Mom, I really do think that Rosie likes me."   Some of you will remember my blog "Aaron and Rosie" where I talked about their special friendship. 

I asked Aaron why he thinks that Rosie really likes him and he answered, "Well, at the theater on Friday a piece of popcorn seed fell down the wrong side of my throat and I coughed!  Rosie asked me if I was OK!"

Awww, that was sweet of Rosie..........but I was trying hard not to laugh at his comment of the popcorn seed falling down the wrong side of his throat! 

Then this morning he came in to the room while I was getting ready and said, "Mom, my ear hurts...........but not where the sound is."

He then showed me that his outer ear had a red place on it from his headphones.............and the outer ear is not where the sound is!

Speaking Aaron's language is fun!

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