Monday, February 6, 2012

I Decided To

Yesterday morning Aaron came into the kitchen right after he got up out of bed.  He gave a cough and a snort.  His cold is lingering.  I looked at him and said, "Good Morning, Aaron!  How are you?"

"I'm worse,"  he answered.

"Awww.  What hurts now?"  I asked.

He responded, "My nose.  I had to get up last night and blow it."

This news of nose blowing was very surprising, to say the least!  I wanted to ask, "YOU BLEW YOUR NOSE??!!"

But I showed no affect and calmly asked, "You blew your nose?"

And just as calmly he answered, in his deep and monotone voice, "I decided to."

Well!  I guess desperate times call for desperate measures!

Aaron turned and walked away, completely unaware of my shock and pleasure at the news that he blew his nose.

Who knows?  He may use the SHREDDED Parmesan next.  Just because he decided to!

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