Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eggs (With Shells)

I asked Aaron what he wanted for breakfast and he was deep in thought.  I suggested eggs - boiled eggs, specifically, which he likes the best of all egg forms.  "You mean the eggs with the shells?" he asked. 

Yes, Aaron, the eggs with the shells.  As opposed to the eggs with the yellow (fried) or the eggs that are stirred (scrambled).  He can't seem to remember the technical names of the various egg forms. 

So we agreed to fix boiled eggs.  He got the eggs out of the frig so that when I came down to the kitchen, that part was done.  He was in the family room as I opened the eggs and asked him how many he wanted.  Big mistake on my part.  "How many eggs are there?" he inquired. 

There are five eggs in the carton, Aaron.  And of course he replied, "I want the five!" 

No, Aaron, you don't need FIVE eggs.  "But you asked how many I wanted,"  he countered.  Clever Aaron.  He knew he caught me.  He was laughing. 

There are five eggs boiling but I reminded him that I am hungry, too.  And HE always reminds ME that I need to be careful about how I phrase my questions to him! 

You'd think I would know that by now!

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