Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Rolls (cont.)

This morning I had the usual rush getting out the door to take Aaron to meet his group.  I didn't return home until nearly 1:00.  As I was cleaning the kitchen, I opened the door where our trash can is to throw something away, and there it was.  The box that held the 18 rolls.  The EMPTY box that once held the 18 rolls. 

Of course Aaron ate the remaining rolls this morning.  What did I expect?  I wondered how many there were.

Later this evening, Aaron came into the family room and said, "Mom!  This morning I ate the rolls for breakfast."   I told him that yes, I had noticed that, and then I asked, "So how many rolls did you eat?"

And he answered, "The rest of them!!"

I had to laugh.  Aaron, I KNOW you ate the rest of them!  But just how many was that?!

"Oh, there were four," he matter-of-factly replied.  "They were good, too, and now all the rolls are gone." 

But he knows now how to remedy that situation with the next trip to Wal-Mart!

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